Online Dating Advice Safety Advice

It is a privilege for us to let you know that we make the experience of online dating to the members of our site as pleasurable as possible and also that they do not have to worry about the major security concerns that pose as a problem for other dating sites today. As also you have to be aware of the fraudulent people who are emerging in today’s internet scenario though there is no dearth of trusted people as well. There are people who do not plan to date on a dating site but can use your private information to send some fake advertisements or with some other intentions. For all these reasons, we have put together this list of tips that you need to go through.

Trust Your Instincts

When your instincts tell you some thing about a person, trust them. Some times it does show you the correct path and one should have the guts to believe them. If you feel you are uncomfortable doing things, then just walk out of it. It’s better to be safe than to be sorry for it later. You never know the intentions of the other person and what all is going through his mind. Here, you need to communicate only through this site and try to analyze the person in the mean time.

Don’t Provide Personal Information Too Soon

At any cost, do not give away your personal information like phone number, residential address or any other information private, provided you know him or her well enough. If a person has just your home phone number, that itself is enough for him to get all your vital information like your income, residential address and the value of your home. Here, on this website each and every user’s information is kept private and nothing is revealed to other users. This has an anonymous chat and email system and hence you can contact the other singles through this chat system itself. During this you can know the person better and can understand him better.

Be cautious

There are also people who befriend you first and then try to scam you. They take unnecessary advantage of you and then try to use your information for illegal advertisements etc. where you will be asked to give your credit card details or money. Beware of such members also whose profile says that they belong to this country but actually are from other country. Also, do not completely trust female online singles as well. They also are some times scammers who will say that they are from this country but actually will be belonging to some other country. You should at once ignore the person or report him as a scammer in the website’s scammer reporting option. You should be aware on how to save copies of your online conversations as well.

Use the “SEE ME, HEAR ME, MEET ME” technology

When you are fully convinced of a person’s online behavior, you can move up to the video and audio dating technologies of the site. This will be helpful to you for seeing the actual person and thus detect if there is any fraud that has taken place. There are various dating tools through which you can even have a virtual date. Thus, you can date here even anonymously. You can even chat via SMS text messaging and further using only audio to have an online phone call without giving out your phone number.

Meet somewhere safe

This is especially for our female members to protect them from any harassment from other perverts online and enjoy their dating experience. If you want to meet your date, opt for a place that has some public around. And meet only and only if you know the person properly and are confident that there is minimum risk. If possible take a female friend of yours or arrange for a double date. Always let another person know the details of your date. And never tell your date to pick you up at home.

If you are offered a drink, then drink responsibly. If possible carry your phone with you. If at any point you feel uneasy, excuse yourself and call for back up. Always be in a public place where you will be in less trouble. If your date is a gentleman, he will understand your feelings.

Enjoy your first date and have fun! and last but not least, it is your first date. Try to have some fun. Of course, you would want to enjoy your first date with your loved one and remain safe and happy throughout your life.