Terms of use

In this page you can find the terms of use on which you may make use of the website /(the ‘Site’). It’s advisable to read carefully all the terms before you start to use the site. To use our site you must be at least 18 years of age or more than that. By using the Site, you indicate that you accept these terms of use and that you agree to abide by them. If you are not agreeing any of the terms of use or you are under 18 years of age, please do not use this Site.

Information About RIPL

The Site is operated by Real Infoware Pvt. Ltd. (‘RIPL’). RIPL is registered in India under Indian company Act and has its registered office at 2D, Suryarath, Panchwati, C.G. Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat


RIPL had introduced online dating service through this site. After registration online members can enables to contact and engage in conversation with other members and to participate in online events hosted on the Site (the ‘Services’).

RIPL creates user profiles with the help of our customer support representatives for the support, marketing and improvement of the services. With RIPL’s efficient customer support representatives are encouraged to speak to online members and also encouraged to speak to members by making introductions and recommendations. This may vary from time to time and the members can be asked whether they are using the certain aspects of the Services. If you do not wish to be contacted in this way, you can visit the “My Account” section of the website and alter your preferences

ED offers other additional services or can revise the scope of services at its discretion and with or without notice, and these terms of use will apply to all services that are advised and revised.

Your access

You have access to the site in following ways:
  • As a guest
  • By registering yourself as a member of the site or
  • By registering as a member and purchasing a subscription package.

Now, as a guest or even as a registered member, there is no need to pay any thing to the site. But remember, that as a guest or even as a registered member, there are limitations to access the site’s features and certain areas of the site. To enjoy the complete features, you should purchase one of the subscription packages. The fee, thus collected is utilized to make the page even better.

Use of the Site For Personal use

Remember, that your account is for personal use only. You cannot give the authority to others to access your account or nor can others have access to your account without your consent. Also, do not assign or transfer your account to any other person or entity.

Information you submit

Once you register with the site, you assure that:
  • You will provide all the information that is required to complete the registration forms on the site.
  • Ensure that the information thus passed is accurate and up to date.
  • You will update and maintain the accuracy of the information that you have provided.
  • You will post information and content that is relevant to the members of the site.
  • You will be responsible for the usage of your account and for all the actions taking place using your account thereby.
  • Post only genuine ratings and comments thereof on other member’s profiles. If at all it is found that you are posting any defamatory messages or comments on other’s profiles, then it could lead to legal action being taken against you.

Restrictions on your use of the Site

This includes that you are not going to post any content on the sight, transmit any content to others, communicate any content, provide any links to other content or otherwise engage in any illegal activity on the site or through any other services that:

  • Impersonates or otherwise misrepresents affiliation, connection or association with, any person or entity;
  • Will disclose any personal or confidential information of any person or organization without their prior consent or solicits another person’s information for commercial or unlawful purposes.
  • Contains any harmful material that can otherwise prove a technical hazard like a computer virus, Trojan horses, worms or even corrupted data etc.
  • Promotes racism, bias, hatred or physical harm against any group or individual.
  • Promotes or enables illegal or unlawful activities;
  • Intends to harass, annoy, threaten or intimidate any other people or organizations.
  • Is defamatory, inaccurate, obscene, indecent, seditious, offensive, pornographic, abusive, liable to incite racial hatred, discriminatory, inflammatory, blasphemous, in breach of confidence, in breach of privacy or which may cause annoyance or inconvenience;
  • Is deliberately misleading or fraudulent;
  • Contains others’ copyrighted content (such as music, videos, photographs, images etc) without first obtaining their consent;
  • Uses the Site or Services for chain letters, junk mail or spam e-mails;
  • Advertises or solicits any member to buy or sell any products or services;
  • Interferes or disrupts networks connected to the Site or attempts to interfere with the proper functioning of the Site (including imposing an unreasonable load on the technical infrastructure used to operate the Site); or
  • Contains any material which may infringe or violate any third party’s rights.

Your responsibility

Here you will be solely responsible for all the liability regarding (i) whatever information you post on the site; (ii) the information and content you post, transmit, publish or otherwise display through the site and (iii) your interaction with other members on the site.

Removal of content

With RIPL stays the right but no obligation, to monitor the information or the content that has been submitted to the site by you or have posted in the public areas of the site. RIPL also has the right to remove any information or content that (i) violate RIPL’s sole opinion or any applicable law or the terms of use or (ii) if any third party has requested.


Your screen name and password have to be kept as a secret and that is your responsibility. You have to acknowledge that RIPL is not at all responsible if a third party has access to your account. This is a reason of your sharing data with them or by theft or misappropriation of your screen name and password. RIPL has the right to suspend your access to the site as a result of any unauthorized person who is trying to access your account.


If you find any thing fishy, report immediately about these: (i) any violation of the terms of use by any member when you become aware of it. (ii) if any person is trying to use your account without your knowledge or consent.

Risks of using the Site & Services

There is a risk associated with the site and services, including but not limited to, all of the risks of online and offline interactions with others, including dating. You should know that RIPL is unable to guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information provided to you by or about the members of the site and cannot claim whether the said person is a registered member or not. RIPL even does not warrant that whether a person is in compliance with the terms of use. You should also take the responsibility that you are only responsible for the meeting with the person if any thing happens then the site is not to held responsible because it was your wish to meet that individual. Also your compatibility with that individual is also not the responsibility of the site. RIPL also does not take the responsibility for the number or frequency of matches that you make or break through the site.

Members outside the AEA

If you have registered with RIPL, then it is your consent to make available your information to the other users of the site, some of whom even may be outside AEA and to allow you to date in an online environment. RIPL will keep your information confidential until (i) the place where you have posted it for publication , (ii) to the extent that RIPL is compelled to disclose it by law or to comply with the instructions of a regulatory board of competent jurisdiction.

RIPL’s proprietary rights

You have to acknowledge and also agree that the copyright and other intellectual property rights in the site and the contents for services also therein belong to RIPL. No rights in the respect of the site or the content provided as part of the Services are granted to you other than those mentioned in terms of use.

License to your posted content

If you have posted your information or content in your profile pages or any area that is public, you allow and warrant that you have right to grant to RIPL an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty free, worldwide license to use, copy, translate and distribute such information or content and also to authorize sub license of the same. You also waive any moral rights you nay have in any information or content.

Disclaimer of warranties

This focuses on to what extent the applicable law is permitted.

The services provided by RIPL will be reasonable skill and care and except as expressly provided in these terms of use, does not make or grant any warranties, representations, conditions or terms of any kind, whether express, implied statutory or otherwise with respect to the site or the services, including but not limited to any implied warranties of merchantability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.

Also, RIPL does not guarantee that when you use the site it will be secure, uninterrupted, always available, error-free or will match up to your requirements and that you would not find any defects in the site and if found they will be corrected. RIPL does not hold any liability for and no warranty, representation, condition or other term is made with respect to connectivity and availability of site.

There are these advice, statements, offers, or other information or content made available through the services, not directly by RIPL, are of those of their respective authors and should not be relied upon. It is the sole responsibility of these authors. RIPL does not:

(i) guarantee the correctness, completeness or usefulness of the information thus provided in the sites and services (ii) adopt, endorse or accept any responsibility for the correctness or reliability of any opinion, advice or statement made by the third parties. In any case RIPL will not be held responsible for any damage if any one relies on these information or content posted on the site or transmitted by any members.


As is permitted by the law, in no case will RIPL be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of or relating, directly or indirectly, to the use or inability to use the site or service. This all will be including without limitation, loss of income or revenue, loss of corruption of data or programs, loss of goodwill and loss of anticipated savings, even if RIPL knows or even if it has been advised of the possibility of such loss arising.

Also permitted by law to the maximum extent, in no case will RIPL be liable to any claims, losses or damages whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, general, special, compensatory, consequential, and/or incidental, arising out of or relating to the conduct of you or anyone else in connection with the use of the Site or Services, including without limitation, bodily injury, emotional distress, and/or any other claims, losses or damages resulting from communications or meetings with other users of the Site. This will include all the claims, losses or damages arising from the conduct of members who have registered under fake pretenses or have attempted to harm you.

RIPL’s liabilities would be in accordance with the terms of use or the use of Services or the site shall be free of use.


In case of indemnity of RIPL, you can do so to its officers, directors, employees, agents and third parties for any claims, causes of action, debts, losses, costs, liabilities and expenses rising out indirectly or directly of: (i) you use or inability to use the services or the site. (ii) any content that is posted by you, (iii) if you violate the terms of use or violation of rules of any third parties or(iv) violation of any applicable laws, rules and regulations.

RIPL reserves the right and that too at its own cost, and assumes exclusive defence and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you. You have to agree to give RIPL the full co-operation that it needs to exercise it right.

Information about you and your visits to the Site

RIPL processes in accordance with its privacy policies the information. By the usage of the site, you consent to such a processing and warrant that the data thus provided is correct.

Links to other sites

Where all there are links and resources by third parties, all are provided for information only. RIPL has no part in the contents of these sites or the resources and hence has no responsibility for them or for any loss that may arise as a result.

Term and termination

These terms remain effective when you use the site and its services and that too with full force unless and until its effect is terminated here under.

Your subscription will be automatically renewed for a successive renewal period for the same duration as the subscription term originally selected, at the then current non-promotional subscription rate. If you planning to terminate the subscription then you can terminate it prior to the end of the subscription period for which you have paid to avoid being charged for the next subscription period. To change or terminate your subscription, follow the subscription cancellation procedure described in the Help section.

It is only you or RIPL who can terminate your user account at any time and for the reason should be sent to each other. RIPL has the right to suspend immediately or terminate the accessibility to any of the services without any prior notice. It can also remove the account information or even the data from the site at any point of time and at RIPL’s sole discretion. If at any case you are not able to access your account in case of any breach of the terms then you agree that all the fees then paid by you to RIPL will be non-refundable and that all outstanding or pending payments will immediately be due. Following any termination of your use of services, RIPL has the right to send a notice explaining the termination to other members as have contacted through the Site.

Your rights of cancellation Cancellation at any time with no refund

You may also cancel your registration or subscription at any point of time just by clicking on the ‘My Account’ section of the site and clicking on the appropriate link during the term of registration or subscription itself.

You can also cancel your registration or subscription for any Services alternatively at any time just by sending notice of cancellation to:

E-mail: /help/contact-us.html
Address: 2D, Suryarath, Panchwati, C.G. Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA
This notice will be effective if RIPL acknowledges its receipt.
7-Day cancellation right

Entire Agreement

The relationship between you and RIPL is a contract based on the terms of use and the pages on the Site to which these terms refer. These conditions can be cancelled and replaced if they were agreed in the past, even if were not directly withdrawn or amended, and these constitute the whole rights and obligations in between you and RIPL.

Changes to these terms of use

RIPL can revise the terms of use if necessary at any time by amending the page. You are supposed to have a time to time check of these pages as the rules are binding you also and you should be aware of the changes done by RIPL. Some of the provisions contained in these terms of use may also be superseded by provisions or notices published elsewhere on the Site.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

All the terms of use and the credentials referred in them shall be undertaken by the English Law. If at all any dispute is raised based on these terms of use, the documents in them or the Site or Services then they will be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

RIPL’s customer complaints policy

If you have any queries regarding the terms of use, the Site or the Services, you are free to contact RIPL at the below mentioned address:

Email: /help/contact-us.html
Address: 2D, Suryarath, Panchwati, C.G. Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA

In the event where you are not agreeing to the charges made to your account, you agree to contact RIPL so as to resolve the dispute before noticing your credit card company with a formal notification. You can contact RIPL by email or telephone, informing them reasons of the dispute of charge. This will make RIPL to assess your complaint more accurately and if found justified, credit your card with the disputed amount.